Bodywork & Movement
Private and Group Sessions with Laurie Keith, Licensed Massage Therapist

Sliding Fee Schedule:

Bodywork and One on One Movement & Bodywork sessions.
 60 min sliding fee $70-150  ( $110 midpoint is what I would charge if no slide)
 90 min  sliding fee  $100-200($150 midpoint is what I would charge if no slide)

**Some people pay more because they can and want to. 
**Some people pay less because they need to.  

Background info on my sliding fee structure philosophy:

Please note that this is a wide sliding fee and that if I were charging a set fee, it would be right exactly in the middle of the high and the low ($110 for  60 min; and $150 for 90 min)  I choose this sliding fee structure because there is such a disparity of wealth levels.  Some people can pay more, and they do; and others have less means and need to pay less.  Please pay what works for you and don't price yourself out so you won't want to come back!  For regular sessions we will negotiate a price that works for both of us. 

Sometimes the work I do is profound and saves people months and years of challenges and expenses.  Please consider gifting some bonus amount above the regular fee if this is the case.  The idea here is to make the fees work for you ...and for me and have flexibility for life's ups and downs!  Thanks for reading and pondering this!

The last thing I want is for you to stress out about this! So let me know if  this is the case for you and you just want a set fee and I'll give you that!

 Additional Services:

Injury/Insurance Treatment w/billing:
 60 min $150
 90 min $180

add $50  for South Whidbey locations (south of Greenbank)

 Attunement Moves/Fascial Movement/Yoga Education Private sessions:
60 min $60-120

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting coaching: 
60 min: $70-130

Cancellation/No Show: If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment or miss your appointment, please pay $75 cancellation fee. Fee waived for sudden onset of illness.  Thank you!

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