Bodywork & Movement
Private and Group Sessions with Laurie Keith, Licensed Massage Therapist

These bodywork offerings support and gently guide your being into an experience of greater peace, ease, harmony, vitality and fun in your body and in Life...

Attuned to Self and Life! 

Types of Bodywork:

Signature Unwinding and Unteathering Massage-
Combining the benefits of unhooking chronic patterns of tension via unwinding and unteathering the stuck places in the neuromyofascial (nerve-muscle-fascial) web with deep  and gentle swedish massage  and lomilomi type long stretching strokes and hot stones.

Injury Treatment/ Structural Alignment Therapies- Working with fascial structures, resetting the nerves that enervate them and supporting healing of chronic pain and injuries using a variety of  structural and injury specific osteopathic and manual medicine techniques, and a neural fascial approach.** 
Neural Reset Therapy.
**Neural Fascial Approach:This constitutes a paradigm shift in bodywork from a focus on muscles and circulation to addressing the nerves and the fascia and how the health of the communication system via fascial structure effects chronic and acute patterns of pain and imbalance.

Deep Tissue Therapy- A deeper touch using specialized techniques (Trigger point, Myofascial release, transverse friction massage, Neural Fascial Release,  etc.) with focus on specific muscles/ muscle groups, fascial lines and releasing chronic adhesions in the fascia. Can be deeply cleansing as well as relaxing.

Relaxation Massage-  Nurturing touch with flowing strokes using  palms, forearms, elbows at the tempo & depth of pressure perfectly applied to allow you to slip deeply away from tensions into beautiful blissful balance.  Energy work techniques often included to help facilitate deeper states of relaxation of body, mind and spirit. Great for flushing the body  of toxins and sluggishness to feel renewed and refreshed.

Craniosacral Therapy-subtle balancing of cranium, fluids that nourish the brain and spinal cord, and deep fascial layers. Very powerful after traumas and profoundly relaxing.

Himalayan Salt scrub massagewith aromatherapy essential oils.  Himalayan salt supplies the body with natural minerals that help hydrate the skin...and after the gentle exfoliation and detoxification that the salt provides, you will feel renewed, energized ...rejuvenated and re-vitalized and ready for a vibrant life! Optional detox heat wrap.  See health benefits of ionized crystal salt at

Far Infrared Sauna Massage- Detox from the Far Infrared heat while you flush the toxins out with a good blood moving massage.  The sauna tube goes right OVER you and the massage table!

Integrative or Specialized Treatment- Customize your session using any of the above modalities and/or specialized therapies such as the following:

Sports Massage: Special pre and post event massage or support during training programs
Expectant Mother Massage:  Specialized massage therapy for Moms to Be.
Onsen Therapy structural alignment therapy.
Polarity Therapy:  Working with the body energy...relax, stimulate, balance. 
Hot Stone Massage Therapy: 
 deep reflex points on the feet...the "wow" of foot massage!!
Injury  Treatment/Rehabilitation: evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation from injuries
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Powerful energy medicine technique. SeeTapping on this website and
Matrix Reimpringing:  Rewriting old subconscious memories using energy medicine techniques 

Ask about adding some pure essential oil aromatherapy to your session! 

Also...ask about Green Mineral Drinks...with fresh cilantro or kale, moringa, seaweed minerals, fresh lime or lemon, apple cider vinegar, and"SOLE"  himalayan ionized minerals (/ Fresh, alkalizing, balancing, detoxifying, nutritious yum!

My Philosophy....
After over 25 years of massage therapy practice, I continue to be in awe of the ever deepening dimensions of what the physical soft tissue/fascia, bone, and energetic systems of the body hold.  Cutting edge science is reminding us that the skin comes from the same developmental tissue as the brain.  We hold memories and often limit our life with restrictive habitual patterns lodged in the soft tissue/fascia.  It is the skin that perceives our world though touch, feel, sound, vibration and creates our healthy  or unhealthy response from that input (see Biology of Beliief reference in Resources).  

Given this masterpiece of divine creation, how to work with it?   I like to start with awe, honor and respect, and then using intuition, years of experience and training,  provide input to help the body to realign, balance and to ultimately heal itself.  I am not the healer then, but rather support staff, a reflecting assistant to offer a nudge, a reminder,  a gentle loving touch, a witness, a physical push, stretch, rub or some subtle energy suggestion, resonance that the body attunes to or moves in response to and remembers it's own wisdom and balance and thus creates the healing. We can improve our balance and  alignment, find a more youthful flexible self, and manage our responses to stress by healing through touch!

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