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Links for some of the Techniques I use:
There isn't yet a good link for Neuromyofascial bodywork.  Some info here:

Links On Neuromyofascial Web: the New Anatomy of the body  (just click on these and it should go to site)

Article on Neuromyofascial Web

 10 tips for Fascial Fitness

The Fuzz Speech video...not for the squeemish!

Cheetah running...fascia in motion!

Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists

Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body

Local Therapists (Puget Sound/Seattle/Whidbey Island)
Natalie Pace, Somatics Pracitioner

On Attunement and Science:



for more info on the new science that our skin and cell membranes (fascial websuit!) remember our history and perceive our environment and then relay commands for metabolic changes.(affects our heatlh)  Recommended book, The Biology of Belief  Explaining the modern physics of who we are as wave patterns in a living field.  Recommended book The Living Universe

All of Brian Swimme's work connects the mystery, magic, and science of how we really are all connected...a 13.7 billion old living being!  He articulates "Resonance" as a power of the Universe...i.e.  how things work on the small (i.e. cell) and large (i.e. society, cosmos) scale.

On Fractal Geometry
(background image on this site is a computer generated fractal geometry image):

Video of Fractal Geometry in Nature

 "As  above so below" Fractal Geometry Youtube Bruce Lipton: Lipton"The new mechanism of evolution suggested by the new biology is one that consists of repeating patterns of self-similarity; it is a pattern based upon fractal geometry*.  The significance of fractals is that they represent basic patterns that are iterated (repeated) over and over again. If you can recognize a pattern at one level of the structure you can apply that awareness to understand the patterns throughout the whole structure."

i.e.  As we do our own healing work/clearing our dysfunctional patterns, we are healing and evolving the whole being/structure/earth/universe!  

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