Bodywork & Movement
Private and Group Sessions with Laurie Keith, Licensed Massage Therapist

What is Qua?

One description: Simple fluid movement sequences with the conscious presence and subtle movement of T'ai Chi, the big stretches and equanimity of yoga, and the inner chi movement of Qi gong (Chi Kung), the mind healing practices from energy psychology,  complemented with sacred sounds from our world spiritual heritage.

Qua is a daily practice for health and sanity in a crazy world.  We are regularly surrounded by stressors in our environment, in the news, in our personal interface with challenges in the world, and as a result, our well being or our, "energy" can get clogged up creating mental and physical states that may be challenging.  Qua offers some empowerment to shift ourselves internally on a daily basis so that we are more resilient , healthy and effective in our lives.

"Qua" literally means, "As" or "Being" and QUA is an acronym for "Quickening Unified Attunement."   "Attunement" means, "being", or , "bringing into harmony; a feeling of being "at one" with another being".  We can  practice "Being"  what/who we choose to be…for example, "Qua Divine Wisdom" …choosing to BE that part of ourselves that knows better…and then perhaps have more peace or make better decisions when attuned to our Divine Wisdom. 

Qua has its roots in Tai Ji Chuan, Yoga, Qi Gong and mantra or sacred sound practice and energy psychology.  Energy psychology is a relatively new field that encompasses practices that have been proven to efficiently and effectively decrease stress by working with the subconscious mind.  Qua is inspired by quantum physics and the cutting edge science that the universe is alive..a whole being: it/"WE" are one whole connected being.  And We as parts of that wholeness are "beings of light, love, music and knowing" (Duane Elgin, The Living Universe).   Knowing that, how do we care for our 'Being'?

Qua is a daily holistic practice that can help clear the clutter of the programming of our subconscious mind/body that may be limiting our life and possibilities.   As we clear and align our being, we contribute that  vibrational frequency to the benefit of the whole Being of the universe.  We all are.... the stardust of the Cosmos.   Human qua (as, being) spirit; spirit qua human...Humanity qua Cosmos...we are all of it. 

One can practice Qua in short  5 minute sessions to effectively ground and attune in the midst of a stressful day, in preparation for an important meeting, test, or performance.  Or, one can practice Qua as a full exercise of body, breath and being.  It can be a deep practice on it's own, or in preparation for yoga, meditation…sports, writing…any activity of life!   It is beneficial and accessible for all body types, ages and level of physical abilities.  Classes usually include a short meditation.

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