Bodywork & Movement
Private and Group Sessions with Laurie Keith, Licensed Massage Therapist

Qua Yoga

Qua Yoga focuses on subtle energy in the body grounded first in movements that access power from our aligned structure.  Because of my training in fascial alignment and movement, we focus first on freeing and strengthening the fascial lines that animate our being.  From there we let go of the "doing" and slip into the "Being" through sound, breath, gentle simple movement flows and stillness. Qua Yoga is similar to Qua (see previous webpage) but with more focus on awareness in the body in movement and stillness.  Qua Yoga practice includes  intentional focus on "Being" (verb) a quality or a presence that one chooses such as "peace", "compassion", "wisdom, "love", "oneness", etc. "Qua" literally means "being" and Yoga means "Union", or "Oneness"…hence, we can practice "Being Oneness".   A focus on the internal movement of energy similar to Qi Gong will also be taught as part of the posture flow at more experienced levels.  Qua Yoga can include some specific resonant and often ancient sacred sounds and songs/chants that can help awaken our experience of "Being" and be very therapeutic.  Through a series of classes students will learn a take-home posture flow  to clear, balance, strengthen and energize many levels and parts of our Beingin order to perhaps have the experience of "Being Oneness", Qua Yoga, on a more daily basis!  Some yoga experience recommended.

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