Bodywork & Movement
Private and Group Sessions with Laurie Keith, Licensed Massage Therapist

Fascial Priming

Priming and Attuning our NEUROMYOFASCIAL WEB
for greater strength, freedom, vitality,ease and FUN 
in daily life in a body! 

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This class is an experiential introduction to the new science about how are bodies are put together, held together, stand in gravity, and move as layers and sheaths of highly neurologically sensitive fascial webs  with bones and muscles as pockets within a greater contiguous whole.

The big word here is one worth learning, "Neuromyofascial" web.  From the Latin it means, "NERVE-MUSCLE-CONNECTIVE TISSUE" Web.  Our skin and a few layers beneath that is like a "onesie" wetsuit all over the body...that has an interconnected WEB of nerves and fascial layers interconneting in long sheaths.  We can focus on how to care for this "WEBSUIT" and it's well being... with surprising results that prep us for a new adventure in our normal day's activities....whether emptying the dishwaser, going for a walk, or reaching for a chocolate bar hidden in the back of that top cabinet!  

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